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Business Finances 

I am passionate about helping you build a business that is sustainable and profitable.




Finance areas we can help you with: 

For Limited Companies: 

Business Accounting 
(with and without payroll) 

This service is to help you keep compliant with HMRC and Companies House. As well as help you meet the requirements to be an employer. 

Pricing and Profitability 

To help you price your product in the best way and ensure you are not getting out less than what you put it. 

Business Accounting 
(with and without bookkeeping) 

This service is to help you keep compliant with HMRC and Companies House. As well as help you keep your books up to date. 

Management Accounting 
(Monthly, Quarterly and Bi-annually)

This service will provide you with variance analysis reports and 1hour review sessions to help you monitor and maximise the financial aspects of your business during the financial year.

Business Cashflow 

To help you make the most of your business investment money and ensure there is a clear plan for how this will be spent.

Confirmation Statement  

This service will help you stay compliant with Companies House by providing a snapshot of the management and ownership of the business. 

For the Self -Employed: 

HMRC Returns 

To help you complete a self-assessment accurately and in a timely matter. 

Self Employed Budgeting 

This service aims to assist you in making the most of what you have and more. 

Tax Planning 

This service helps you structure your financial plans in order to reduce your tax liability. 


Speaking Engagements 

In additon to providing business finance consultations/services, Benedicta delivers webinars and workshops and has spoken to hundreds of people across the UK and abroad providing guiding principles and tools on how to successfully manage money in a personal capacity and within the business. 

Some of the topics that Benedicta covers include; Debt Management, Budgeting, Managing Business Finances, Withdrawing capital from your company, Business Cashflow, Company Registration, How to invest via your company particularly via property investment and much more. 

To request for Benedicta to speak at your next engagement click on the button below. 

Speaking Engagements

Are you looking to get Business Finance Coaching ? 

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