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Meet the founder 

I am Benedicta Egembe -

A CIMA Qualified Accountant, Finance Management Consultant and Public Speaker. 


Meet Benedicta Egbeme


Hi There, I am Benedicta. 


As a Management consultant working in one of the 'big 4' accounting firms and having worked in Government Finance as an accountant for 8 years, I have experience in finance and accounting for large organisations.


Whilst I have worked on "multi-billion pound" projects and with world class companies, my true passion is to help the new and everyday business owner become the large global company of tomorrow. So from, solo-preneurs and mum-prenuers right through to limited company Directors, trusties and the likes. My singular aim to help you build a profitable and sustainable business.

The skills and experience I have acquired, combined with my passion for people, are what have led me to set up BeniRatio Finances. My personal mission is to change the face of accounting one customer and business at a time. To bringing you real solutions and the opportunity to comfortably delegate/outsource your finance and accounting to me in a way that will help you and your business.


About BeniRatio

Our mission is help business owners make sense of their numbers. We believe for us to do this we need to help a good finance foundation, because a good foundation is everything. 


The key to a Business finance foundations are 

1. Pricing and Profitability, 

2. Business Cashflow and 

3. Management  Accounting 

Just like any building, it's strength is determined by how strong the foundation is, likewise the structure of your businesses finances and growth can only be built and last if the core finance areas are in place. 

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